Friday, March 25, 2011


Oh my goodness! Do you remember me? Well, if you don't, I'm Kylie and I'm a super lazy butt! I apologize so much for lack of posting. You see, Lizzie has had just unbearable amounts of schoolwork to catch up on, so the computer hasn't been really free for awhile. Plus, I like putting pretty little pictures in my posts, and Lizbug just hasn't had any time to take any new ones- until today! Not her best work, she was in a rush, but hey- I can post without it being so boring again! Yayyy!

The outfits that 'Nani and I are wearing, as well as the paddleboard set, were sent to us for free by Lizbug's friend, Georgia, who is known as FREEAmericanGirl on YouTube :) Lizzie made a video of her opening the stuff, you should go check it out! Thank you Georgia! We love and appreciate everything!!!

Speaking of YouTube, how do you guys like our new tutorials? Lizzie has so much fun making them, and she hopes that you enjoy them just as much! She recently gave away a doll-sized white iPad 2 to one random person who entered the giveaway, and that just so happened to be AmericangurlLanie! Congratulations!

Lizzie just got back from a speech competition. It was at her church. She placed 3rd, and received a gift card of $25, which will go towards her savings for Kanani's Shave Ice Stand. She thinks she has enough money- she'll probably tally up how much she has after I let her back on the computer. So much has been going on, and I really apologize about that! I'm going to try to post at least once a week from now on, although Lizbug's school work is priority!

This is probably such a boring blog post, so I'll spice it up with our video plans for the weekend:

1) Lizzie's SevenFabulousTeens video (She's Monday, you know!)

2) Kanani's Fishtail Hairstyle How-To

3) HOPEFULLY a music video on her personal channel, TubingLizzie! She's in love with a new song, and just HAS to music-video-ize it! ("music- video-ize?" Is that even a word?!)

4) Some sort of doll craft tutorial

Of course, she still has homework, so everything is depending on that! Well, enjoy the pictures! Also, please note: the exclamation mark button on our keyboard only works if you press it REALLY hard- so if we ever seem less enthusiastic than we should be about something, it's because this button has failed us! GIRR!!

Oh, and by the way, we heard back from Sarah's (stephenswodadancer's) boss at the Brass Armadillo about the webchat. It seems as though she's been so sick that she's been out of work for awhile! We all hope Sarah will feel better soon! We all love you, Sarah!

Well, time for night-nights! How should I end this post? Hmmm...I'll tell you some things to check out on YouTube to keep you busy:
1) LaniesNatureCollab & KananisAlohaCollab Auditions
2) LaughDreamCollab
3) Our new tutorials (if you haven't seen them already)

:) Good night! See whenever I can! :)

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  1. I really want to be your Saturday on Lanie's Nature Collab. What are you looking for in an audition?
    Just some questions. Thanks for your time!!!!
    -Jessica, a.k.a. starlightstudios678 on youtube. :)